Thanks to Dave, I have never looked or felt better!

I have followed Dave for quite some time listening to #AskDave and being a member of the Dave Experience App so I was extremely excited to work with Dave and really challenge myself.

Being the first time having an online coach, I was blown away at how easy this prep was. We worked to put on muscle with a calculated off-season so flipping the switch to contest prep wasn’t at all like I had experienced. I was able to come in more conditioned than ever and best physique to date while maintaining long work hours, many business trips, and some sanity.

This was all possible despite overcoming addiction and an eating disorder. I am amazed and extremely grateful for Dave’s guidance and abundance knowledge making whatever obstacle presented with a solution never breaking my spirit

Thanks for the accountability. I have never looked or felt better and am looking forward to see just how far we can take my physique!

One prep down many to go! 😊

Marcela Corona